Enrique Partida

Hi, I'm Enrique! And I live in Mexico City.

Running is one of my great passions. After having stopped doing it for a while when I came back I found that it is something that I do not want to let aside from my life anymore.

I have participated in countless races of different distances and one of my favorites is the Father's Day Mexico City Half Marathon, also since 2012 I have participated in several editions of the Mexico City Marathon.

I also like to run in the mountains and I have already completed a number of races and ultramarathons of various distances. My longest race up to now has been an ultramarathon of 65kms.

Running has allowed me to meet great friends and to support other people. Since some years ago I have coordinated a team of amateur runners, we share our passion for running, train every week and go to events together. I enjoy it a lot when I can motivate and encourage the members of this group and any other runner to achieve their goals.

Traveling and getting to know different places and cities is another of my great passions and it has helped me see my own city with different eyes. Every day I learn more about her and discover more impressive places, stories and secrets.

As a Mexico Running Tours guide, I want to share my city with local and foreign visitors who want to experience it in a fun and active way.

Welcome! I invite you to run together through my Mexico City.