Mysteries of a Magical Town Tour

San Angel

Average Distance: 8 KM

Estimated time: 2 hrs

Let's run by one of the hidden places of Mexico City that very few people has taken the chance to explore deeply. It is located right beside Coayacan, both places are fascinating but Coyoacan is more popular thus San Angel enchanting locations are much less known.

San Angel was part of a huge orchard of a convent that later was divided and sold to some of the richest families of Mexico City who then built its rest houses "outside" the city. Nowadays the neighborhood still has the old structure with plazas, churches, huge beautiful houses, gardens, and lots of places where to buy antiques and handicrafts. In this area as well you may find delicious food in its many restaurant options.

Be one of those visitors who adventures to look around and we bet you will feel that mesmerizing pleasant effect that this area produce, maybe you may even feel surprised about have not knowing before about the existence of such beautiful places.

Tourists spots on the route

  • Del Carmen Plaza
  • San Jacinto Parish
  • Archangels Plaza
  • Antiques Market
  • Flowers San Angel Market
  • Melchor Múzquiz Market
  • Del Carmen Convent and Museum
  • Risco House

Starting time

Our suggested time is 7:00 a.m.

Meeting point

Plaza del Carmen


- 40 USD if 1 runner- 30 USD per person if 2 runners- 25 USD per person if groups of 3 or more runners
Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal
Price includes:
-A guided running tour.-A small water bottle per participant.-Digital pictures.