The Enchanting South Villa Tour


Average Distance: 8 KM

Estimated time: 2.5 hrs

This tour along Coyoacan center will transport you to a peaceful charming small town right inside our busy city that make everybody feel home. From the first view it is probable that you fall in love with its enchanting old style houses painted in brilliant colors and with wooden doors, house gardens and small hidden peaceful parks with lots of plants and different flowers. Admire its stone cobbled streets, churches, places devoted to cultural activities, Mexican restaurants, and traditional food and handicraft markets. Such fascinating place was home of many interesting people like Frida Kahlo and Octavio Paz. For sure this route will make you run out of breath but not due to the altitude of the city or for our pace while running but for what you will feel once we visit the favorite place for runners from the south of Mexico City.

Tourists spots on the route

  • Parroquia de San Juan Bautista
  • Food Market
  • Malinche House
  • Popular Arts Museum
  • Government Coyoacan Building
  • Coyotes Fountain
  • Francisco Sosa houses
  • Santa Catarina Church
  • Callejón del Aguacate
  • Panzacola Bridge
  • Viveros de Coyoacan
  • Frida Kahlo House
  • Central Market
  • Handicrafts Market

Starting time

Our suggested time is 7:00 a.m.

Meeting point

Blue House Museum Frida Kahlo


- 40 USD if 1 runner- 30 USD per person if 2 runners- 25 USD per person if groups of 3 or more runners
Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal
Price includes:
-A guided running tour.-A small water bottle per participant.-Digital pictures.