Discover the essence of Mexico in a fun, original way, Running!

Explore different places on a tour with a local runner. You will check out the most interesting spots in each area, and learn about the history and importance of what you will see on the route. You set the pace!

All our tours are available in English and Spanish.

Private Tours

Our private tours are just for you and in such a case your group.

In case you are not familiar with the places mentioned in the our private tours, we will help you with our suggestion of the best option for you according to where will you stay and the kind of environment you would like to visit.

Social Tours

Come with your friends or by yourself and join us for one of our easy-going jogging tours.

You will have the chance to better know the city and at the same time meet other runners from different parts of the city or even from other countries. Even if you have live here all your life we bet you can discover some new spots.

Tailor Tours

We can personalize a tour for you.

If your purpose for running is to keep training while you are in the city, or you would like to run by areas not showed in our Private Tours offer, or you would like to run longer distances, or more time, this option is for you.

Corporate Tours

Bring you team to have fun outside the office.

Being connected in a different setting will encourage better communication. All your team will discover together new information about places in the city that you commonly do not have time to admire and enjoy.

Foreign Tours

Visit us before you travel to check if there is a discount for you in running tours at your destination and let us help you to find in or worldwide network the best options for you to run and explore different cities abroad.

Best places to train

We can help you to keep training with our Personalized Tours, or you can always go and train without a tour.

Here you will find some of our favorite places to train.

Contact us in any case, and we may advice you about the most convenient place for you to complete your next running training based on where will you stay, and/or the kind of session, the distance, and the time you would like to complete.

Some of our Running Memories