Private Tours

In our Private Running Tours you can participate alone, with your partner, with your family, or with your friends.

If you are not familiar with the places mentioned in our suggested routes, or if you need an advice to choose among our options, contact us and let us help you to decide which would be the best route for you according to where will you stay, the distance you would like to cover, the kind of environment that you enjoy more (nature, modernity, culture, historical, etc.), and your main purpose of doing the running tour (maybe you are training for an event, or you are just looking to visit the city in a more fun way).


Aztec and Colonial Palaces

Historic Center

1.5 hrs/5 KM

Downtown History & City Life

Reforma-Historic Center

2.5 hrs/8 KM

An Imperial Path to a Castle


2.5 hrs/8 KM

West Modernity & Nature


2.5 hrs/10 KM

The Enchanting South Villa


2.5 hrs/8 KM

The Southern Olympic Land

University City

2 hrs/8 KM

The time and distance we will run may be adapted to your needs, but just keep in mind that if we change the route we will end covering more or less spots mentioned in the route accordingly with the changes.

If the starting point for the route we decide to run is in a walking distance from the place you will stay at, we can meet you and start running right outside such place, otherwise our suggestion for you to reach the meeting point would be that you use UBER.