Chapultepec Social Tour

Average distance: 8 KM

Estimated time: 2 hrs


Our meeting point will be "Estela de Luz" then will get inside the first section of Chapultepec Park where we will go up to the amazing Chapultepec Castle, once we are back from the Castle we will do a lap around "La milla", the path that surrounds the base of the Castle, there we will admire Pre-Hispanic constructions, beautiful fountains, the zoo entrance and enchanting lakes. After that we will run by the Modern Art Museum, and will go outside Chapultepec to see the most important Museum of the country: the National Anthropology Museum of Mexico. Finally we will stretch out at the green area of Museo Tamayo.

Tour Calendar

  • Every Sunday during January 2019 (English tour)

Meeting point

Estela de Luz

Starting Time

7:00 a.m.


Price per participant: $25.00 USD
Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal
Price includes:
-A guided running tour.-A small water bottle per participant.-A protein power bar per participant to recover energy after our running.

Some recommendations

  • Check the weather forecast to choose clothing that you will feel comfortable in.
  • We will be running on the streets, so bring the appropriate shoes for that surface.
  • Carry only what you need.
  • If you like to take pictures bring your mobile phone or camera to capture some of the day.
  • Don't forget your sunglasses and wear sunscreen.
  • We will provide a small water bottle to every guest, but if you think you may need it, please bring extra liquids.

Contact us to clear any doubt or if you need further information