Patricia Martínez

I'm Paty Martínez, I live in Monterrey, Leon. I am a graduate in Image Design and a mother of 2 children.

I love doing sports, meeting people, feeling free and traveling, discovering new places in Mexico and in the world, I especially enjoy visiting mountains.

For 9 years I practiced tennis and for 2 years pole dance, both competitively and with excellent results. Then I started running and realized it was my thing. I started out by going to 5K and 10K races and surprisingly won some of them without ever having done a formal running training program before. So I decided to discipline myself in this sport.

Winning is an experience that fills me with satisfaction because it is the result of my training and training is my favorite part of the day. Some of my achievements running are: having represented Mexico in the World Athletics Masters Championships in the 800 and 5,000 meter events; won the first place the Galeana mountain trail in Nuevo León and the Diamante trail in Coahuila; as well as second place in the Cañón de las Mariposas trail in Rinconada, Nuevo León.

Running has also helped me to meet wonderful people, to connect like never before with myself and with nature and also, by running I have become an expert in identifying the most beautiful places in my city and its nearby mountains because I like to train outdoors.

As a Mexico Running Tours guide I intend to share with more runners not only my passion for training, but also the pleasure of enjoying and exploring the interesting places of this beautiful city where I live.