Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between Mexico Running Tours (“we”, or “us”) and the individual who is submitting a tour booking request ("you"). Once you submit a booking request form you accept all the following terms & conditions:

1) You accept full responsibility for you and for every individual coming with you ("your group"), if it applies.

2) In case you participate in a tour together with your group, you understand that you have to inform the group about the terms and conditions to participate in any of our tours.

3) You confirm that you, and the individuals in your group are at least 18 years old.

4) You declare that you and the individuals in your group are physically fit, aware of your limitations, and do not have any medical condition that represents a risk on your health or life for participating in any of our tours.

5) You understand that you and the individuals in your group, are allowed to participate in the tour only if on the day of the tour you and everybody coming with you fell good.

6) You must inform to us in writing of all medical complaints, whether or not you believe they will affect your runs.

7) You understand that Mexico Running Tours may not provide you professional medical assistance if needed.

8) Mexico Running Tours is not responsible for any health problems caused by any of its services.

9) Mexico Running Tour cannot be held responsible for any road accidents or any other kind of accident that are caused by acts attributable to you or a third party.

10) You agree that you and your group will comply with traffic regulations.

11) You understand that the roads will be open all time for cars so you must be cautious to avoid any accident.

12) You and your group if it applies will respect city property and understand the importance of complying with any requirements from the police or other authorities.

13) You understand that restrooms and water are not always available on the route.

14) Mexico Running Tours will check the viability for any special requests you may have. In case your special request is accepted, you will receive a written confirmation.

15) Mexico Running Tours may take the decision to cancel, postpone or shorten a tour if weather or other nature conditions become critical. The decision will be informed to you and you will have the option to reschedule the tour or be refunded.

16) You may cancel your reservation up to 24 hrs before your tour. You just need to send us an e-mail to do so. If desired, we can always reschedule at no additional cost.

17) If you agree, Mexico Running Tours may capture some pictures of you or the group of participants coming with you during the tour, you will receive the pictures electronically after the tour, free of charge and you accept that a short sample of these may be used in social media and websites for the sole purpose of promoting Mexico Running Tours services.

18) All those who order our services expressly accept and assume all risks that may exist during our tours.