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We are a proud member of Running Tours Net. Let us help you to find in or worldwide network the best options for you to run and explore different cities abroad. In the meantime, here you will find a selection of some great running tours abroad in which you may get a discount, a gift, or a souvenir by mentioning Mexico Running Tours in your booking request. 

Suggested Destinations

Lisbon, Portugal's capital city, home to some of history's greatest explorers is now a hub of cultural diversity, while still conserving its strong heritage and a village feel with its large historical neighbourhoods.

Run in Lisbon and explore the city's old streets, run by its main monuments, run in and out of typical markets, discover Lisbon's unique street art, stop at breathtaking viewpoints and take a quick break to taste the much loved Pastel de Nata.

Lisbon Running Tours has a different tour to fulfill any runner expectations among some of the most popular are: Sunrise Tour, Street Art Tour and its 360 ° Tour.

Porto an enchanting city of Portugal, became relevant due to a very active trade of Port wine produced in the Douro Valley and sold worldwide by English, Dutch, German and also Portuguese traders settled in the city.  

Porto Running Tours provides sightseeing running tours since 2015 suited for runners of all ages, abilities and experience. Your running shoes are all you need to explore the heart of the city along sloping, cobbled streets with beautiful buildings adorned with tiles.

The Douro River underlines the city with all the Port wine cellars just over the iron bridge in Vila Nova de Gaia, and is one of the favorite stops during the tours. 



Maastricht Running Tours does running tours in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities from the Netherlands. The city in the South of the country at 2 hours from Amsterdam and 1 hour from Brussels and Cologne.

Run and discover this beautiful European gem. The Highlight running tour in this Roman town shows you the best this city has to offer. The running guide takes you along five of the top 100 buildings in the Netherlands. You will also run over ancient city walls, small ancient cobblestone streets and in a beautiful park.

For the runners interested in a trail run. They can offer you a cross country border running tour (Netherlands and Belgium in one tour!)



A personalized experience of Paris, off the beaten tracks.

At the crossroads of sports and active tourism, RunRun Tours offers guided tours in Paris at short strides! 

RunRun Tours mission is to make possible to all those who cannot do without the pleasure of running, to keep training without having to worry about finding the right route and getting lost.

Run in one of their tours while being entertained with stories about Paris, told by a local running mate who knows everything about the best places to run and to be, helping you discover the most beautiful and sometimes hidden sites of the city.

Malaga, a coastal city in the South of Spain, enjoys an exceptional climate almost all year round.

Málaga Tour Running invite you to get to know its most emblematic places running through its Historical Center, or along the beach and the promenade along the Mediterranean Sea, or you can enjoy a trail running in the Montes de Málaga to train in nature and enjoy wonderful views of the bay and the city. All their Running Tours are private, running with a Personal Trainer at a relaxed pace, and the tours have different distances.



Rome the Eternal City, one of the preferred destinations of travelers around the World. A city rich on history, museums, churches, and ancient monuments. 

If you are visiting the Rome for vacations or work and you would like to see in a fast way as much places as you can, do not forget your sneakers and look for S.P.Q. Run

S.P.Q. Run offer different routes to discover the essentials of Rome, its main squares, monuments, and iconic places such as The Colisseum, the Pyramid, the Tiber River and the Vatican City.

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