Run by the river and the industrial parks

Fundidora - Paseo Santa Lucía

Average distance: 8 KM

Estimated time: 2 hr Beginner/1.5 hr Intermediate/1 hr Advanced

"Parque Fundidora" is a huge, moder and beautiful park created by the government in a place that for almost 90 years was home of one of the most important companies in the history of the city "Fundidora de Fierro y Acero de Monterrey".

Paseo Santa Lucía is an artificial river and a pedestrian path inspired by the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. The area along the river is adorned by lovely fountains and fantastic monuments and artworks. 

All this area is used to host the participants of the city marathon, Ironman events, many local races and other sport events.

In this tour we will run by a peaceful environment, green spaces, plazas, museums, conventions and sport centers. Besides, along the way we will enjoy a great view of the famous "Cerro de la Silla", a beautiful iconic mountain of Nuevo Leon with the shape of a chair.

Tourists spots on the route

Starting time

Meeting point

Museo de Historia Mexicana


- 60 USD if 1 runner- 50 USD per person if 2 runners- 40 USD per person if groups of 3 or more runners
Payment Methods: Cash
Price includes:
-A guided running tour.-A small water bottle per participant.-Digital pictures.