Victor Madera

Hi! My name is Victor and I have the good fortune to live in Cancun.

I am a lifelong athlete. I have 15 years of experience as a runner and 4 years as a coach and leader of a running group.

My favorite races are long distance races so I have participated in 19 marathons. Thanks to being constant in my training, I have been able to obtain very good results. Among them, having won the Key West Florida marathon in the 2015 edition. I am also on the short list of 250 Mexicans who have managed to complete the 6 majors of the world (New York, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Berlin and Boston).

Running has changed my life, in addition to transforming it into a very healthy lifestyle, it has allowed me to travel through Mexico and around the world where I have been able to discover incredible places and wonderful people.

Now as a guide of Mexico Running Tours I would like to welcome you to run with me while you get to know the surroundings of this wonderful caribbean area.