Discover the essence of Mexico by running

Welcome to our website! 

We are a group of runners from different parts of Mexico who would like to invite you to live unforgettable running adventures with us through the iconic places of our beloved cities. We want to connect with people like you who share our passion for running.

You no longer have to use your time trying to plan ideal routes to run in our destinations. Now you have found us!

If you are not from town, you do not have to run alone and worry about the possibility of getting lost andif you are a local, we are sure we can make you see and enjoy your city from a whole new perspective. 

Our biggest goal is that while running you come to appreciate as much as we do, the places that we will see and our culture and then become a great promoter, not only of our spectacular sightrunning tours, but in general of our country.

We believe this can happen because our previous visitors have always rated their experience with us with excellent reviews. Thanks to them, Mexico Running Tours has received the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor for two consecutive years, and our tours in Mexico City are now ranked among the 10 best options for outdoor activities.

So, let's run and explore Mexico together!

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What to expect?

Well designed routes

In Mexico Running Tours we have designed fantastic routes to help you explore different parts of our country.

Friendly local runners

You will connect with passionate  successful  local runners who love their towns and are happy to share their time, routes and advice with you.

Hidden gems discovery

We will visit the most touristic spots in every area and also some less famous places sometimes even unknown by locals. 

Facts and history

We will not just train, while we run we will share information about the most interesting spots and things we see, our traditions, our culture, and even about our history. 

Quick stops to admire

During the routes we will suggest to stop in some places to appreciate them in more detail, simply to enjoy the views, or for you to take pictures. If you do not want to stop, just let us know.

Action photos

If you wish, we can take photos of you while we explore. This is one of the great reasons not to run alone. You will have photos of yourself running through fascinating places.

Your own pace

You don't need to be an expert runner to join us, but if you are, we will be ready to speed up with you.

You can join our tours alone, or with your partner, your family, your friends and even your work team. During the tour we will maintain a comfortable pace for all participants.

Language and slangs

All our tours are available in Spanish and English. Additionally, we will share with you the local way of nameing things and some common expressions used by locals so you can understand them better.

Also, if Spanish is not your native language but you know a bit, we will encourage you to practice it with us. 

Our international network

Mexico Running Tour is an active member of Running Tours Net, a worldwide network of running tour operators in many different beautiful cities around the world. Do not forget to check its website before your next trip to look who may you running with in you next travel destination.

Find here a short selection of some of the members:

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