Discover the essence of Mexico in a fun, original way, Running!

Trying to plan running routes in Mexico might result an overwhelming task due to the wide variety of options of places to visit we have to offer.

In Mexico Running Tours we have already designed the best routes to help you to explore them with a local runner.

With the distance and time we offer in every route, you can be sure that you will not miss any of the most touristic spots in each area, and that you will even be surprised visiting some places less famous, but equally interesting.

Besides discovering much more places than you ever imagine, you will gain a great understanding about our culture and history and all that without the feeling of being lost at any point.

From time to time, we use to do breaks to appreciate some spots in more detail, and if you like pictures we may capture some great ones of you running, you will adore to see them again when you will be back home.

All our tours are available in English and Spanish.

Private Running Tours

Our private tours are just for you and in such a case your group.

We offer different routes. Get in touch and we will help you with our suggestion of the best option for you.

We can run from 5 to 15 km. And do not worry… You will set the pace!

Best places to train

We can help you to keep training with our Private Tours or you can always go and train without a tour.

Here you will find some of our favorite places to train.

Foreign Tours

Visit us before you travel to check if there is a discount for you in running tours at your destination and let us help you to find in or worldwide network the best options for you to run and explore different cities abroad.